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Organic Herbal Facial Steam - The Local Variety

Organic Herbal Facial Steam

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SoulShine Soap's Organic Herbal Facial Steam is a great addition to your skin care routine. Simply add simmering water to two tablespoons of these botanicals in a heat proof bowl, preferably glass. Allow to steep, and then hold face above the container and place a towel over your head to hold in the steam. Breathe in for 5-7 minutes, allowing steam to open up your pores.

Best followed with French Green Clay Mask, and then their Queen of Hungary's Facial Toner

All natural handmade product made in our kitchen in small batches using organic ingredients.

All organic ingredients: rose petals, calendula, lavender, willow bark, comfrey & chamomile. 

Each jar contains 1 ounce.

NOTE: all items are handmade and all natural please allow for any slight variances in color or texture.

(Photo on this listing by SoulShine Soap Company)

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