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We don't do a lot of things (you'll either be disappointed or delighted)... a few notes on our Local Delivery subscription box!

In each month's Local Delivery bundle, we don't include fluff for the sake of more “stuff”- that is, putting in random items that maybe you won't necessarily ever use for the sake of you thinking that you got more from your purchase (one of The Local staffers recently got a subscription box with a company logo flash drive... does anyone even use flash drives anymore?).


We don't buy cheaply made products for pennies on the dollar and inflate the “value” so you feel like you're getting 3-4x the value of what you're paying. Because we believe in working directly with the makers and founders, we pay them their fair, wholesale price.


We don't buy in bulk from huge suppliers at a super mega discount. We believe in supporting the small, some of our makers are literally moms crafting at their kitchen tables at night after tucking their kids in. Some of them have grown their small businesses to having dedicated manufacturing spaces and in turn are employing other inspiring women and men to help them grow their visions. Either way, we work to find awesome women making awesome goods that we think you'll like.


All of these things that we DON'T do means that when you shop with us, whether it's ordering one of our subscription boxes, placing an order on our website for a soon-to-be favorite product or visiting us in our brick and mortar location, you're getting a high quality product at a fair, sustainable price. It also means that when we offer things like discounts or free shipping it's because we appreciate your business and want to treat you with a little somethin' somethin' to thank you for spending your dollars with us.


The Local Delivery is about curating a thoughtful surprise that hopefully delights you each month. We do this by working directly with women-owned small business and paying a fair price. It's about supporting the dreamers, makers and creators and bringing their goods together to form a sort of monthly sisterhood, a kind of girl power collection from all over. I hope you love what you get. I hope you'll check out the stories behind the makers featured in your bundle. I hope you continue to buy their products, either from our website or directly from the maker. It's totally true what they say about small business owners doing a happy dance when someone purchases from them!


SO, thank you for your support. If you're looking for a subscription box with 5x the value of what you're paying, ours probably isn't for you. However, if you like surprises, supporting small women-owned businesses, unique products, pina coladas and dancing in the rain (wait, what?), then I think you'll LOVE The Local Delivery. My team and I appreciate your time, consideration and awesomeness that you're bringing to the world just by being you. Feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions, comments or cute goat memes.


Jessica Carter

Founder, The Local Variety and The Local Delivery

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